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Associate Lawyer

JKB Law is a law firm practicing in family/divorce, wills/estates, and residential real estate. The law firm operates out of an executive centre with reception who greets people, receives/sends mail, and couriers. The law firm is currently one lawyer, an articling student starting in September 2023, and a legal assistant currently being recruited.

JKB Law believes in a client-centric approach to law where we take the time to ensure clients are respected, understand their options, and guided effectively to solutions that work best for them. This requires professionalism, inclusivity, and honesty as core values.

Salary: competitive income split where you will receive 50% of billed and collected amounts, paid out on a weekly basis, until you hit a threshold where your contributions to overheads are met. After that, you will receive 95% of the split in your favour. You will receive 95% of legal aid files as well.


  • You will be an independent contractor

    • You are required to pay your own law society fees

    • You will be able to use business expenses to offset your tax obligations

    • JKB Law will collect and remit GST on files, but you are required to pay for your own income taxes

  • Work schedule is flexible and hybrid work options available

  • You get the benefits of running your own law firm – choose your schedule, files, workload, etc – with the security of having someone else responsible for the administrative structure

  • There is more work than the one lawyer can handle right now, so you will very quickly build up your own client base.

  • Regular in office work schedule is required however – do not apply if you require fully remote as this is not possible to accommodate

  • You will be provided with:

    • Work laptop

    • Office with dual monitor set-up and docking station (allowing for hybrid work environment)

    • Training in the work

    • Access to 24 hour gym on site

Ideal candidate is someone who:

  • Is a member of the Law Society of Alberta already – you are responsible for this yourself

  • Loves technology and is happy to operate in a paperless work environment

    • Proficiency in Microsoft 365 required – we regularly use Word, Excel, and Outlook

    • Proficiency in Adobe required – Adobe PDF editing/combining/digital signatures

    • Familiarity with Cosmolex and DivorceMate are assets

  • Cares about helping people

  • Is organized – you love labels, things fitting in the right places, following procedures/processes

  • Has experience working with marginalized communities

  • Has experience working with LGBTQIA+ sexual/gender minorities

  • English proficiency required

  • Proficiency in additional languages is an asset

How to apply – please follow directions – only applications that follow directions will be considered

  • Email info [at] with the subject line “JKB Law – Application for Associate Lawyer”

  • Attach your CV as a PDF

  • In the body of the email please provide minimum one paragraph (3-5 sentences, with up to 3 paragraphs maximum) explaining why you are interested in the position.

  • Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis

Thank you for your interest and applications! Only applicants chosen for interviews will be contacted.

JKB Law is committed to creating a supportive work environment that is a nourishing and safe space, with balance so you can enjoy your life beyond work. We are building a way to lawyer that serves the soul, community, and is profitable.

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