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meet Jasreet Kaur Badyal aka Jas. Passionate about equality, accessibility, and providing high quality services. Our client-focused law firm aims to help individuals understand the process, choose the best options, and feel empowered.


Jasreet Kaur Badyal ("Jas")

Passionate about equality, accessibility, and providing high quality services. Our client-focused law firm aims to help individuals understand the process, choose the best options, and feel empowered.


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Equality, accessibility, & providing high quality services to my clients

I was born and raised in Calgary.


I am passionate about equality, accessibility, and providing high quality services to my clients. My long-time goal has been to run my own firm so I can follow my vision to practice law in a way that prioritizes my clients. When you choose to work with me, my goal is to make sure you understand the process, choose the best options for yourself, and feel empowered.



My experience is versatile and reflects my values. I completed my articling (lawyer training) at Calgary Legal Guidance, a nonprofit that provides free legal services to low income Calgarians. As part of my work there, I practiced primarily family/divorce, criminal, and general advice on poverty related matters. I was called to the bar ("officially became a lawyer") in Alberta in 2016.


After completing my training, I worked with a leading LGBTQIA+ lawyer practicing primarily family/divorce law, wills and estates, and fertility law in Vancouver, BC. Subsequently, I worked in the area of human rights and mediation back in Calgary. I have run my own law firm since 2020 with a focus on family/divorce and residential real estate. 



Juris Doctor in Law

University of Victoria, 2014


Political Science, First Class Honours

University of Calgary, 2011

& Reliability

We provide consistent and reliable services, so when you hire us, you know that you can get an answer and we will be there when you need us. 

& Adaptive

We ensure to provide timely responses to all inquiries. We will adapt our services to meet your objectives/priorities because your end goal is unique to you. 

& Transparent

Our rates are competitive and we are always transparent with costs, so you know what you will pay for the services you require before you hire (retain) us.

Inclusive & Judgment-Free

We offer an inclusive, non-judgmental law firm environment, no matter your circumstances. With expertise in serving South Asian/immigrant, LGBTQIA+, and polyamorous communities. 

Image of Jas Badyal Lawyer at JKB Law

Jas assisted me in a complicated high conflict parenting and child support matter. Her services were very professional, competent and thorough. Jas is a family lawyer that can be trusted to deliver good advice and good advocacy, and to be fair to her clients. We are very thankful for her help.

Telmo dos Santos

Jas was amazing to work with. After many years of not having a Will in place, Jas made the process as painless as possible. She also brought up things I would have never considered. With my limited contact with Jas, I can tell she is a wonderful person and would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a lawyer with what she deals with. Thank you Jas! I feel about 14 years late on the Will and it's finally complete.

-Sabrina Legare

Jas is an incredible lawyer! I’ve used her for both real estate and family matters. She’s extremely knowledgeable, sets clear expectations and is priced extremely fairly. I cannot recommend her enough!

-Carrie Pedersen

Serving those in need is a privilege that I value as a lawyer

I am dedicated to enhancing local communities by volunteering with non-profits, serving on boards, and offering free legal assistance to low-income individuals. I provide pro bono services, conduct free consultations, and share my expertise through presentations at conferences and for the public. Serving those in need is a privilege I value as a lawyer.

Community Service, Awards & Recognitions

University of Calgary Logo. JKB Law.
  • 2014: Professor Jim Ellis International Law Mooting Award

    2013: Bonnie Bryan Memorial Scholarship

    Awarded to female students who are active in social justice issues relating to women or in furthering the place of women in the legal profession

    2009-2011: Dean’s List (University of Calgary)

    2008-2010: Chancellor’s Club Scholarship

CLG Logo. CalgaryLegal Guidance. JKB Law.
  • 2018-Present: Providing pro bono (“free”) legal advice to low income Calgarians on issues related to parenting, support, separation/ divorce.

    Presenting to members of the public on topics related to family law and landlord-tenant disputes at various locations around Calgary (through the libraries and organizations such as Safelink Alberta and the Calgary Chinese Community Service Association)

Canada Law Book Company Prize. JKB Law
  • 2012: Canada Law Book Company Prize for Law, Legislation, and Policy

FMC Law Logo. JKB Law.
  • Fraser Milner Casgrain Negotiation Challenge – 1st Place

Call.Acal Logo. JKB Law.
  • 2023 Panelist - Topic: Current Legal Issues Facing the 2SLGBTQ+ Community. 


    Montreal, PRISME Conference.

    2022 Panelist - Topic: State of the Profession: Update on LGBTQ2S+ Representation and Advancement in the Profession

Two Wheel View Logo. JKB Law.
  • 2020-2023: Volunteer non-profit Board Member for Two Wheel View (Calgary).


    Assisted in the governance for a local non-profit charity that provides programming for youth who are struggling by building confidence and self-esteem through the bicycle.

FACL BC Logo. Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers. JKB Law.
  • 2021: Speaker at Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers (FACL) Pride Event - Spotlight on the Legal Profession

    2020: Speaker at Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers (FACL) Pride Event - Discussing Experiences as an LGBTIA+ member of the legal community


Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some common questions about JKB Law

  • I have always been good at writing and speaking, with strong skills in forming logical arguments, so it felt like a natural fit since I was a kid. I also wanted a career where I felt like I was helping people, contributing to society in a meaningful way, and using my full potential. I am able to do all of these things as a lawyer. 

  • Good question! I try to remind myself that my job is to help clients, but I cannot take on their stress/emotions when I am trying to help them. It doesn’t serve my clients, nor does it help me, if I cannot keep the emotional separation. I also have a strict regimen on self-care: going to the gym, doing yoga, meditating, sleep/meal routines, therapy, regular vacations (I aim to do one week every 3-4 months), and taking good care of myself so I can be the best lawyer. I also tend to keep a limit on how much high conflict work that I accept, and this is a big reason why I do real estate law as well to keep a balance. 

  • I believe in being solution-oriented. To me, it is never worth spending a lot of money to prove yourself right (even though being right can be very satisfying). It is better to focus on what is going to get you an efficient outcome. 

  • Honestly, I cannot imagine doing any other career than being a lawyer. I feel like I was born to do this job. Now if I won the lottery and didn’t need to work again, I would travel the world. I love seeing new places, experiencing different cultures, and eating local cuisine.

Book A Free Consultation

 We offer 30 minute free consultation (in-person or virtual) within Calgary and surrounding area.​

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