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 Wills & Estates Legal Fees 



For all matters, you can call and book in for an hour free consultation.


Individual Will Package

This is a package for a will, power of attorney, and personal directive.


Couples Wills Package

This is a package for two wills, power of attorney, and personal directives.


Flat Fee for Probate and Grant of Administration

Book a free consultation to determine an appropriate flat fee to assist you with your probate or grant of administration application. If you have lost a loved one and need help navigating the court system to get access to their estate, then reach out and we can figure out something fair and reasonable.

JKB Law does not charge a percentage of the estate.



Notarization is required for travel documents, certified true copies, and
affidavits/statutory declarations.

Each additional stamp is $20.


Commissioner for oaths also available.


Hourly Rate

This is the cost for general services. Get in touch and we can discuss flat fee options for your case.

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